Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

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A vast Japanese resource on genetics available online in English.

Their introductory page[1] states "A grand challenge in the post-genomic era is a complete computer representation of the cell, the organism, and the biosphere, which will enable computational prediction of higher-level complexity of cellular processes and organism behaviors from genomic and molecular information. Towards this end we have been developing a bioinformatics resource named KEGG as part of the research projects of the Kanehisa Laboratories in the Bioinformatics Center of Kyoto University and the Human Genome Center of the University of Tokyo."

It's pages include an enormous array of written and graphic information on genes in fruit flies, humans, plants and other organisms. The illustrations include diagrams of cells showing the position of genes in cells and how cytoplasmic genes are connected to others in the cell membrane or nucleus.

An ordinary medic browsing the diagrams and abbreviations feels like a schoolboy given a large medical dictionary - in a foreign language.