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Laryngoceles are swellings associated with increased pressure in the pharynx.



  • Uncommon
  • 4 times more in men
  • Mean age 55
  • Associated with coughing, sneezing, playing the trumpet and having a wide neck


  • Increased pharyngeal pressure results in pressure on the saccule. In most subjects, the saccule does not expend. In patients with a wide false cord - true cord distance, or patients with a false cord pressing against the saccule, a valve like effect leads to increased pressure, leading to the formation of an expanded chamber, the laryngocele.

Clinical assessment

  • Patient may complain of hoarseness, cough or pain
  • Neck lump is present, and made more obvious by valsalva manoeuvre
  • Flexible nasendoscopy may show fullness of false cord
  • Imaging may show air filled sac


  • Laryngoceles may obstruct larynx
  • Excision along with upper half of thyroid cartilage