Levator scapulae

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Levator scapulae (levator anguli scapulae) is a muscle of the neck that affects the shoulder girdle.

Levator scapulae
Levator scapulae.GIF
System: Muscle
Function: Medial rotation of the lower pole of the scapula
Origin: Posterior tubercles of the transverse processes of C1 - C4
Insertion: Upper medial border of scapula
Arterial supply:
Venous drainage:
Lymphatic drainage:
Innervation: Anterior rami of C3 and C4 and dorsal scapular nerve (C5)
Vertebral levels:
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Levator scapulae runs nearly vertically in the back and side of the neck.


  • Raises the medial side of the scapula, hence causing medial rotation of the lower pole.

Joints Affected


  • Transverse process of the axis
  • Transverse process of the atlas
  • Posterior tubercle of the transverse process of C3
  • Posterior tubercle of the transverse process of C4


  • Upper medial border of the scapula, between the superior angle and the triangular area at the medial side of the scapular spine

Nerve Supply