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In the UK since 1911 Local Medical Committees have been the local GP committees. They are part of the BMA but must represent all GPs in their geographical area which is historically coterminous with the successive PCOs or other healthcare administrative areas.

As the organisation and complexity of primary care has increased and along with the call for increased professionalism and specialisation of for instance negotiators, LMCs' administrative structures have developed from a pile of papers on the kitchen table of the LMC medical secretary to permanent staff and offices with substantial assets. This has allowed the LMCs to develop relationships ranging over time, topic and space between mutual suspicion and antagonism to useful cooperation for common benefit with NHS administrative organisations.

The LMCs interact and work with and through the GPC and with other craft committees and local specialist medical committees in various ways.

They are funded by a statutory levy, of so many pence per patient on GP Principals and Practices, and generally receive contributions from non-principal GPs on various local bases.

Local Dental Committees perform a similar function for dentists.


An example of a large LMC organisation with a wide range of statutory and non-statutory functions and tasks: Devon LMC .

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