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LAM is a progressive cystic lung disease of women, usually of child bearing age with infiltration of bronchial smooth muscle cells and formation of parenchymal cysts. It is caused by mutations in the tumour suppressor gene for tuberin (TSC2) usually but more rarely hamartin (TSC1) explaining its (not absolute) association as a rare complication of tuberous sclerosis. It has been described outside the lung. Guidelines on diagnosis and management were published in 2016 recommending that sirolimus has a major place in therapy[1] .

The commonest presentations are with dyspnoea or more rarely pneumothorax. Chylothorax and chylous ascities can occur.

Chest x-rays usually show a diffuse interstitial infiltrate.

Vascular endothelial growth factor D testing is useful in the diagnosis.

The immunocytology of LAM cells is that they stain positive for alpha-smooth muscle actin and the immunomarker HMB45.

Treatment is by lung transplantation[2] with some evidence for efficacy of sirolimus[3]. Sirolimus is now often the treatment of choice with chylous effusions[4].


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