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Originally designed "by clinicians, for clinicians" at the Royal Free Hospital, London, the Map of Medicine is available to all, via the internet.

It's aims seem similar to those of the National Library for Health and it will appeal to those who find pathway diagrams easy to follow. Indeed its concept is that pathway diagrams are an intuitively easier way to access clinical evidence base relevant to the problem at hand than reading organised free text. Localisation is occurring in some NHS health economies as it has been purchased for NHS England and NHS Wales. Such localised content is accessed via a Athens login. Versions are also likely to be contracted to WHO and have been contracted to other overseas markets such as Norway, Sweden and Queensland. Login may be seen as a major catch.

The original concept is now owned by the Hearst corporation which adheres to the projects philosophy, and that of GANFYD that commercial sponsorship (eg advertising revenue) can subtly distort the presentation of clinical evidence without the reader being aware of the influence of these conflicts of interest.


Map of Medicine Sites

UN flag.png Selection box logins for all health economies with localisation

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