National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS)

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QuotationMarkLeft.png Helping resolve performance concerns. ... The National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) works with health organisations and individual practitioners where there is concern about the performance of a dentist, doctor (or pharmacist from April 2009)... We help to clarify the concerns, understand what is leading to them and support their resolution. Our aim is to get involved early and, where possible, restore safe and valued practice. The employer, contracting body or practitioner can contact NCAS for help. NCAS covers the UK and associated administrations and both the NHS and independent sectors of health care. QuotationMarkRight.pngNCAS web site[1]

The NCAS (formerly NCAA) Helps resolve concerns about poorly performing doctors . It looks at three dimensions: performance, behaviour and health. The vast majority of issues fall into a single dimension, and NCAS can resolve them, by giving advice to the line manager, without ever needing to know the name of the individual concerned. Those that require disclosure and ongoing resolution usually fall into 2 or more dimensions.

They assert that their actions have helped prevent avoidable harm to patients (and communities) and career limiting GMC action.

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