Optic chiasma

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Optic chiasma
Relationships of the optic chiasma
System: nervous system
Function: vision
Arterial supply:
Venous drainage:
Lymphatic drainage:
Innervation: Optic nerve projections.png
Vertebral levels:
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The optic chiasma (optic chiasm) is located at the base of the brain immediately below the hypothalamus. Half of the optic nerves (CN II) cross here so that they project onto the opposite hemispheres of the brain, simplifying the processing necessary for the perception of binocular and stereoscopic vision and hence visual depth. The optic nerve fibres on the nasal sides of each retina cross over to the opposite side of the brain via the optic chiasma (decussation of medial fibers). The temporal hemiretina projections stay on the same side. The inferonasal retina are related to anterior portion of the optic chiasma whereas superonasal retinal fibers are related to the posterior portion of the optic chiasma.