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Marino Ortolani (1904 - 1983) was Professor and Chief of Paediatrics at Ferrara, Italy. He described a test for Congenital Dislocation of the Hip in 1937 in an Italian journal.[1] In 1948, he published a book with this (translated) description: [2]

QuotationMarkLeft.png The ‘snapping sign’ is much more accurate and early than X-Rays or even the arthrogram.

This sign is elicited with the patient lying supine; the hips are flexed to a right angle and internally rotated slightly; the knees are flexed. Holding the knees in the palms of the hands with the thumbs on the inner aspect of the knees, abduction and external rotation of the hips is carried out. At the same time the fingers press the greater trochanters medially. QuotationMarkRight.png

Further reading

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