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rINN: Rifaximin
Other Names
Rifaximine, DB01220, rifaxidin, 2S, 16Z, 18E, 20S, 21S, 22R, 23R, 24R, 25S, 26S, 27S, 28E)-5, 6, 21, 23, 25-pentahydroxy-27-methoxy-2, 4, 11, 16, 20, 22, 24, 26-octamethyl-2, 7- (epoxypentadeca-[1, 11, 13]trienimino) benzofuro[4, 5-e]pyrido[1, 2-a]-benzimida-zole-1, 15(2H)- dione, 25-acetate, Fatroximin®, Normix®, Ritacol®, Xifaxan®
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Rifaximin is a non-absorbed antibiotic fairly widely used to treat travellers diarrhoea[1] and in further development for treating hepatic encephalopathy[2] and Crohn's disease[3]. It seems to have minimal impact on the normal intestinal microflora, so is being studied in a wide range of infective bowel disease such as clostridium difficile infection and diverticulitis. However it has been associated with cases of clostridium difficile in patients with risk of hepatic encephalopathy[4]. There are preliminary reports of its use in restless legs syndrome[5] and irritable bowel syndrome[6].


Rifaximin is a semisynthetic rifamycin derived from Amycolatopsis mediterranei. With diarrhoea caused by Escherichia coli and Shigella sonnei it alters bacterial virulence[1].


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