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"Double hit" hypothesis to ARB
ARDS to Albert S├ęzary
Albert von Kolliker to Anterior ulnar recurrent artery
Anterograde amnesia to B-Cell
B-Lynch suture to Blue-cone monochromacy
Blue-sensitive opsin to CD360
CD363 to Carpus
Carteolol to Cisplatin
Cisterna chyli to Cowden syndrome
Cox-Maze procedure to Delta opioid receptor
Deltoid to Drug Tariff
Drug costs to EpCAM
Ephaptic transmission to Familial hypercholesterolaemia 3
Familial hypercholesterolemia to G30, F00
G40-G41 to Glycine receptor
Glycogen to Health Protection (Part 2A orders) Regulations 2010
Health Protection (Vaccination) Regulations 2009 to Hydrogen sulphide
Hydromorphone to Indapamide hemihydrate
Indel to James Ambrose
James D. Watson to Latex allergy
Latin expressions to MADSAM
MAGIC to Melanoma treatment
Melanopsin to Morning after pill
Morning sickness to Neoplasia
Neostigmine to Olmesartan
Olovnikov's clock to Paediatric inguinal hernia
Paediatric pharmacology to Phadke's criteria
Phaeochromocytoma to Postoperative cognitive dysfunction
Postpartum haemorrhage to Ptosis
PubDrug to Renal transplantation
Renal trauma to SSTR5
ST2 to Sindbis fever
Sindbis virus to Subacute bacterial endocarditis
Subacute combined degeneration to Tension pneumothorax
Teratogen to Translational medicine
Translocation to VZV
Vaccimmuk to Wilms tumor protein
Wilms tumour to Zygote
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