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"Double hit" hypothesis to ASA score
ASD to Alcohol dependence
Alcohol history to Anti-nuclear antibodies
Anti-nuclear antibody to BHC complex
BHD to Bone scan
Bones to CHADS2 score
CHI3L1 to Caveolae
Cavernous sinus to Clodronate
Clofazimine to Culex
Culex antennatus to Desmoid tumours
Desmoplakin to E-cigarette
E-selectin to Erythromycin phosphate
Erythromycin stearate to Fibrosing alveolitis
Fibulin-3 to Gallbladder polyps
Gallium to Guanine
Guanosine diphosphate to Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B to Hyposplenia
Hyposplenism to Intensive care unit
Intensivist to Karyorrhexis
Kasai procedure to Lie
Lieberkuhn to Male-limited gonadal dysgenesis 46,XY
Malignancy to Methoxyflurane
Methyl-CpG-binding protein to N-6 fatty acids
N-acetylcysteine to Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity
Non-freezing cold injury to Overdose
Overweight and progestogen-only contraceptive pills to Pathognomonic
Pathology of Parkinson's disease to Plasmodium falciparum
Plaster of Paris to Proenkephalin-A
Proenkephalin-B to Radiological contrast agent
Radiological contrast agents to Roux en Y bypass
Rovsing's sign to Senior house officer
Sensitivity to Splitting
Spontaneous intracranial hypotension to TJP1
TLA to Timolol
Timolol maleate to Ultra-violet
Ultrasound to WEEV
WHO to Zygote
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