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"Double hit" hypothesis to ATP-sensitive inward rectifier potassium channel 11
ATP1A2 to Alexander Speirs
Alexis Carrel to Anticonvulsants
Anticubital fossa to BSG
BSND to Bowel prep
Bowel preparation to COMT
COMT inhibitors to Cephalexin
Cephalexin sodium to Coccidioides
Coccidioidomycosis to Cyclizine
Cyclo-oxygenase to Diabetes mellitus diagnosis
Diabetic ketoacidosis to EMA
EMD to Etoricoxib
Etravirine to Floaters
Flood to Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
Gastroenteritis to HIF
HIF1A to High density lipoprotein
High dosage oxygen treatment to IMRT
INR to Intradermal naevus
Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy to L-tri-iodothyronine sodium
LAT to Lookback exercise
Loop diuretics to Medical algorithm
Medical algorithms to Mitochondrion
Mitogen to National Institute for Health Research
National Institutes of Health to Occupational Health
Occupational therapy to PML
PMP22 to Peritonitis
Perivascular epithelioid cell tumour to Post traumatic stress disorder
Postcode prescribing to Psychosis
Psychotherapy to Reproductive number
Requesting tests to SUR1
SUV to Sjögren's syndrome
Sjögren syndrome to Sulfamethazine
Sulfamethoxazole to Tetraspanin-6
Tetraspanin-7 to Triamterene
Triangular articular cartilage to Veganism
Vegans to Ziprasidone
Zirconium to Zygote
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