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"Double hit" hypothesis to AFSSAPS
AFS score to Adios
Adipocere to Analgesic snake
Analgesics to Arsenic
Arsenic deficiency to Bartonella henselae
Bartonella quintana to Boyle's Law
Boyle's law to CD8
CD80 to Carina
Carisoprodol to Choristoma
Choroid to Confidentiality
Conflicts of interest to DBA.44
DBH to Diabetes mellitus diagnosis
Diabetic ketoacidosis to Dystrophin
E-cadherin to Epiploic foramen hernia
Episodic ataxia to Fahr's syndrome
Failed medical wikis to Fostamatinib
Fouchet staining to George Gomori
George Guillian to HIV-1
HIV-2 to Hepcidin
Hephaestin to Hyphaema
Hypnosis to Induction of doctors to workplace
Industrial action to Ixmyelocel-T
Ixodes persulcatus to Lactulose
Lacunar amnesia to Long QT
Long QT syndrome to Martius scarlet blue staining
Mary Joseph to Methylnaltrexone
Methylphenidate to Musculocutaneous nerve
Musculus suspensorius duodeni to Nerve growth factor
Nerve of Kuntz to Oestradiol
Oestrogen to PIK3CD
PINK1 to Penicillin-allergic
Penicillin/allergy to Plerixafor
Pleural aspiration to Probiotic
Probiotics to Quinine phosphate
Quinine salicylate to Reynaud's phenomenom
Reynolds number to SRY
SSIA to Shirodkar stitch
Shock to Statement of fitness to work
Statim to TARDBP
TARN to Thoracic duct
Thoracic inlet to Trichophyton
Trichophyton interdigitale to Vaginal delivery and anal sphincter function
Vagus to White blood cells
White cell count to Zygote