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"Double hit" hypothesis to AKT2
AKT3 to Adrenergic receptor
Adrenocortical insufficiency to Angiography
Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma to Aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like protein 2
Arzoxifene to Bejel
Belatacept to British National Formulary
British National Formulary for Children to COURAGE trial
COX-2 to Cattell-Brasch manoeuvre
Catumaxomab to Clazosentan
Clearing the C-spine to Cotard's syndrome
Cotinine to Davalintide
David Barker to Dissociative identity disorder
Distal convoluted tubule to Eflornithine hydrochloride
Egdell case to Examastane
Examination of inguinal herniae to First metacarpal
First order kinetics to Galactose
Galantamine to Gravidity
Gravity to Heart
HeartMate I to Hydrocoele
Hydrocortisone to Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome
Immune suppression to Iron deficiency
Iron deficiency anaemia to LDHD
LDL to Liver function test
Liver function tests to Maprotiline hydrochloride
Marantic endocarditis to Methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta
Methoxyflurane to Myalgic encephalitis
Myasthenia gravis to Neuromyelitis optica
Neuron to OnabotulinumtoxinA
Onchocerca volvulus to PSA
PSMA to Peripheral Vestibular Disorder
Peripheral arterial disease to Polymerase chain reaction
Polymorphic light eruption to Propanone
Propantheline to Radiopharmaceutical prescribing
Radiotherapy to Rocuronium
Rod to Scopulariopsis brevicaulis
Scot Junior to Sodium oxybate
Sodium potassium-transporting ATPase subunit alpha-2 to Superior mesenteric artery
Superior mesenteric artery syndrome to Terazosin hydrochloride
Terbinafine to Transferrin receptor protein 1
Transferrin receptor protein 2 to Uremia
Ureteric trauma to Waddell's criteria
Waddell's signs to Zygote
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