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IgA nephropathyIgG4-related disease
Ig gamma-1 chain C regionIg gamma-2 chain C region
Ig gamma-3 chain C regionIg gamma-4 chain C region
Ignatz Leo NascherIgnaz Philipp Semmelweis
Ileal pouch
IleusIlioinguinal nerveIllness
IloprostImagingImaging Specialties
Imaging in strokeImatinibImidapril
ImiquimodImmune memory
Immune systemImmunisationImmunisation "Green Book"
Immunisation and vaccination - useful web sitesImmunityImmunodeficiency
Immunology and influenza
Impact factorImpaired glucose toleranceImplantable cardioverter defibrillator
Implantation phenomenaImplementation of health policy in England
Implicit knowledgeImported disease
Imprest systemImprint cytologyImpulse control disorder
In silicoIn vitroIn vivo
Inappropriate admissionInappropriate prescribingInappropriate prescribing in the elderly tool
Inappropriate sexual behaviourIncapacityIncapacity (Scotland) Act 2000
Incapacity assessmentIncineration
Incision and drainageInclusion body myositisIncompatible devices
IncontinenceIncubation periodIndacaterol
IndapamideIndependent clinic
Independent mental capacity advocateIndex caseIndex finger
Index metacarpalIndian hedgehog proteinIndibulin
IndiumIndividual funding request
IndoraminInduced myeloid leukemia cell differentiation protein Mcl-1
Induction of doctors to workplaceInfantile colic
Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosisInfantile striatonigral degenerationInfection
Infection control - general principles
Infective endocarditisInfective rhinitisInferior
Inferior mesenteric gangliaInferior ulnar collateral arteryInferior vena cava
Inferior vena cava filterInfertilityInflammation
Inflammatory bowel diseaseInflammatory pseudotumour
Inflight emergenciesInfliximabInfluenza
Influenza/Clinical Risks Groups 2006/2007Influenza/England Categories and priority for influenza vaccination 2006-7Influenza/UK guidance
Influenza/paymentInfluenza/preventionInfluenza A
Influenza B
Influenza phasesInfluenza vaccine
Influenza virusInformation governanceInformation support
Inguinal canalInguinal herniaInguinal hernia repair
Inguinal ligamentInhibin A
Inhibitors of CYP3A4IniparibInjecting children
Injecting the carpal tunnelInjectionInjury
Injury severity scoreInlet patchInnate immune system
InotropeInsect vectors
Institut Pasteur
Institute for quality and efficiency in health careInsulinInsulin-like growth factor-1
Insulin-like growth factor 2 mRNA-binding protein 1Insulin glargine
Insulin glulisineInsulin pumpInsulin resistance
Insulin sliding scaleInsulin syringeInsulin to carbohydrate ratio
InsulinomaInsulinomasIntegrated Pollution Prevention and Control Act
Integrated care pathwayIntegrin alpha-LIntegrin alpha M
Integrin beta-2Integrin beta-3
Intellectual disabilityIntelligence quotientIntensity modulated radiation therapy
Intensive careIntensive care unit
IntensivistIntention to treatIntercarpal joints
Intercellular adhesion molecule-1Intercostal spaces
Interferon-gamma release assay
Interferon alphaInterferon betaInterferon gamma
Interferon inducible protein-10Interleukin-1Interleukin-10
Interleukin-17 receptor A
Interleukin-1 receptor type 1Interleukin-1 receptor type II
Interleukin-21 receptorInterleukin-22Interleukin-23
Interleukin-4Interleukin-6Interleukin-6 receptor
Interleukin-6 receptor subunit alphaInterleukin-7Interleukin-7 receptor subunit alpha
Interleukin-8Interleukin -1 beta
Interleukin 2 receptor
IntermedinInternal carotid artery
Internal derangement of the kneeInternal herniaInternal jugular vein
International Federation of Gynaecology and ObstetricsInternational HapMap ProjectInternational Health Regulations
International Non-proprietary NameInternational Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health ProblemsInternational code of medical ethics
Internet and medicineInternet resources
Interossei of the hand
InterosseousInterosseous recurrent arteryInterphalangeal joints
Interphalangeal joints of the handInterpreting test results
Interstitial cells of CajalInterstitial fibrosisInterstitial pneumonitis
Interval cancerIntervertebral disc
Intestinal spirochaetosisIntestine
Intra-aortic balloon pump
Intra-uterine contraceptive device
Intracerebral haemorrhage
Intracranial haemorrhageIntracranial pressureIntradermal injection
Intradermal naevusIntrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
Intramuscular routeIntranasal route
Intraoperative floppy iris syndromeIntraosseous accessIntraosseus
Intrathecal route
Intravenous cannulaIntravenous fluids
Intravenous routeIntravenous urogram
Intrinsic factorIntrinsic pathwayIntrinsic sympathomimetic activity
IntussusceptionInulin clearance
Invasive group A streptococcal diseaseInverse care lawInverse square law
Inward rectifier potassium channel 2IodinationIodine
Iodine deficiencyIodoformIodophor
Ion channelsIonising Radiation (medical exposure) regulations 2000Ionising radiation
IpRGC ganglion cellIpilimumabIpomeamarone
Iron-responsive elementIron deficiency
Iron deficiency anaemiaIron dextranIron intestinal transport
Iron regulatory proteinIron sucroseIron therapy
Irritable bowel syndromeIrving LichtensteinIrving Selikoff

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