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Scaphoid fractureScapulaScapular fracture
Scarf osteotomy
Scarlet fever
Schaeffer's signSchatzki ringSchaumann body
Schiller-Duval body
SchizophreniaSchizotypal personality disorderSchneiderian papilloma
School systemsSchwannomin
Sciatic nerveScience And Technical Advice CellScientific adviser to government
Scientific misconductScleroderma
Scombrotoxic fish poisoning
Scope guide
Scot JuniorScotland
Scott's parabolaScottish Audit of Surgical MortalityScottish Bell's Palsy Study
Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental HealthScottish Intercollegiate Guidelines NetworkScottish Medicines Consortium
Scottish Trauma Audit GroupScreening
Screening Wilson's criteriaScreening tool of older persons prescriptions
Screening tool to alert doctors to right treatmentScrotal carcinomaScrub typhus
Scrubbing for surgeryScurvySeHCAT
SeaSeaborgiumSeasonal affective disorder
Seattle protocolSebaceous carcinomaSebaceous cyst
Sebelipase alfaSeborrhoeic dermatitis
Seckel syndromeSecond
Secondary hyperparathyroidismSecondary membranous nephropathy
Secondary preventionSecondary spontaneous pneumothorax
Secretary of state for healthSecretory phospholipase A2 receptorSection 47 of the National Assistance Act 1948
Seddon's classificationSeeding trialSegmental colitis associated with diverticulosis
Segmented genomeSeldinger technique
Selective internal radiation therapySelective publication
SeleniumSelenium deficiencySelf-controlled case series
Self-discharge against medical adviceSelf-esteemSelf-expanding metal stent
Self-harmSelf prescribing
SelinexorSellarSellick's manoeuvre
Selman Abraham WaksmanSemantic amnesiaSemantic dementia
Semliki Forest virus
Sengstaken-Blakemore tubeSengstaken-Blakemore tube/Insertion
Senior colleaguesSenior house officer
SensitivitySensorineural hearing loss
SentinelSentinel loop
Sentinel nodeSepiapterin reductaseSepsis
Septic abortionSeptic arthritisSepticaemia
Septicaemic plagueSeptum transversumSerelaxin
SerendipitySerineSerine-threonine-protein kinase B-raf
Serine/threonine-protein kinase mTOR
Serious Organised Crime And Police Act 2005SerologySeroma
Serotonin receptorSerotonin syndromeSerotype
Serratus anteriorSertindoleSertraline
SerumSerum C3 nephritic factor
Serum amyloid A protein
Sesamoid boneSestamibiSeton
Setting sunSevelamer
Severe acute respiratory syndrome
Severe combined immunodeficiencySevere fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome
Severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancySevoflurane
SexSex and doctorsSex crime
Sex educationSexual abuseSexuality
Sexually transmitted infectionsSezary syndromeSgarbossa score
ShRNAShadow cells
Shared careShared decision makingSheehan's syndrome
Shiga toxinShiga toxin-producing Escherichia coliShigella
Shigella flexneriShikimic acid
Shinobu IshiharaShipman
Shirodkar stitchShockShock/table
Short QT syndrome
Short hairpin RNAShort tandem repeat
Shoulder dislocationShoulder dystociaShoulder girdle
SiRNASialomucinSialomucin core protein 24
Sialyl-Lewis X
SibutramineSick euthyroid syndrome
Sick roleSick sinus syndrome
Sickle cell disease
Siewert classificationSigmodon hispidusSigmoid colon
Sigmoid volvulusSigmoidoscopeSigmoidoscopy
Sigmund FreudSignal joint thymus cell receptor rearrangement excision circles
SiltuximabSilverSilver bullet
Silver stainsSimeprevir
Sindbis feverSindbis virus
Single nucleotide polymorphism
Sinus rhythm
Sir James BlackSir Patrick Manson
Sir Richard DollSirolimus
Sister Mary Joseph's nodule
SitagliptinSitagliptin/Development and marketing
SitaxentanSitesupport-urlSitus inversus
Sixth nerve palsy
Sjogren's syndrome
Skin cancerSkin phototypeSkin preparation
SkullSlander, libel, and the GMC
SleepSleep apnoea
Sleep disturbancesSleep paralysisSleeping sickness
Sliding scaleSmall bowel follow-through
Small bowel obstructionSmall claims court
Small intestineSmall nuclear RNA
Small round blue cell tumourSmallpoxSmallpox and vaccinia
Smoking mortalitySmoothened homolog
SnNoutSnake bite
Snellen chart

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