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MLJ tries to be a generalist (physician) for mainly the elderly based at what used to be termed a District General Hospital, but is increasingly an emergency physician for the elderly with subspeciality skills in an emergency admitting Hospital on the Channel coasta geriatrica. With the European Working Time Directive and New UK Consultant contract there is no time any more to be all things to all men and women but some of the knowledge accumulated over the years may be useful to others. What used to be done by 2 sometimes getting home at 9pm now gets done by several times that number getting home at....

Potential Conflicts of Interest Multiple relations depend upon the healthcare industry for income and therapies. Does not believe medicine can be learned just from a book but it sure helps to understand with an inquiring mind the scientific evidence base that underpins it. Long interest in NHS Drugs & Therapeutic matters...which also happens to be why he believes in GANFYD having noted how much biased information is out there. Having seen the insecurity of independent sources of drug information that are relatively free of political and commercial pressures, as many who have sufficient financial stake can call the tune he hopes it is a worthwhile contribution.