Anti-diuretic hormone

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rINN: Vasopressin
Other Names
ADH, antidiuretic hormone, anti-diuretic hormone, Pitressin®
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Mechanism of Action
  • Acts on aquaporins in collecting ducts
  • Multiple receptors eg
    • Vasopressin V1b receptor (V1bR)
    • Vasopressin V3 receptor (AVPR V3)
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Anti-diuretic hormone(ADH) is also known as vasopressin (VP). It is a polypeptide hormone released from supraoptic nucleus of hypothalamus. Travels down and stored in posterior pituitary.

Acts on aquaporins in collecting ducts in renal medulla to increase free water uptake.

Excess vasopressin (ADH) leads to the Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone release (SIADH)

Deficiency of vasopressin (ADH) leads to Diabetes insipidus

Synthetic hormones are available:

Secretion inhibited by alcohol