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Please add to this page if you are completely new to wikis and do not understand how to get started with editing from reading below.

Original content that will educate others is desired on this wiki.

If you click on the Go button and the topic in the search box does not exist, by clicking on the link here (which is not a link on this page !)you will open an empty page for editing.

You can then paste or type in your wonderful original masterpiece which you want to share with others.

Then click the Show preview button to check that the text at least is fine, even if the formating has problems and click Save page button and thats it.

If the page already exists and you want to inprove it then click the edit tab.

We are more interested in original content than how it looks because the whole idea of a wiki is that others can improve. The others just love adding images and headings, tables in house style and what ever.

We do expect you to respect copyright. Please acknowledge sources.

More details about how to tidy it all up, do citations etc are at